Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Victoria Room

  • Victoria Room, Victoria Road, Darlinghurst (9357 4488)

Walk up the wide dark wooden staircase and you will discover a smooth, intimate world which is a blend of antique vintage decor in a warehouse style area with exposed metal beams. It is dimly lit and an excellent multi use of space. At the back is the space are the lounges which are great to have supper or just enjoy the extravagant cocktail menu with friends. This area reminds me a little of Melbourne Supper Club as it is similar decor but a bit more colourful and due to the restaurant space being next to it, would be a much better place to chill after dinner service has finished or slowed down.

The restaurant has has leather booths along the sides of the room with the larger tables in the centre. It is quite cluttered in the centre with all the tables but to be in a booth, the rest of the world just slips away and nothing else matters, you forget where you are and only enjoy the company you have in front of you. The bar and more lounges are partitioned off from the dining area with a nice line of small green fern like plants. The bar area can be buzzing but due to the space it has a laid back feel of people enjoying themselves and chatting with nice drinks.

Now onto the food. They offer a menu which is a mixture of the Mediterranean, middle east and northern Africa. So you can start off with your mezze, or antipasto and follow by one of the mains which pretty much covers most meats and seafood options you may want in a simple menu. I will be honest and say I have not eaten there except for dessert, but if they were anything to go by then the savory items should be delectable.

Even more impressive oddly enough, apart from their cocktail menu, is the tea menu. I was so shocked at the flavours that were offered, but I suppose at the time I dined, I wasn't educated in the world of tea. So there are your standard English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, China Sencha, Chamomile & Spearmint, Lemongrass & Ginger, Turkish Apple and Chai, but of the exotics I haven't come across before include Russian Caravan (mild blend of Chinese black teas), Queen Mary (blend of Darjeeling & Ceylon), Scottish Breakfast (apparently their strongest blend) and Assam (strong Indian mountain tea with Orange Pekoe through the leaves).

It isn't shocking once I learnt they do a very good High Tea on Saturdays at 12pm and Sundays at 1pm.

One last thing which I have been meaning to try is the Supper menu which runs from 11pm-2am on Friday and Saturday nights. This is the perfect solution to nibbles and wine after a movie, especially if you have just gone Dendy at Paddington or maybe now that it is summer, the open air cinema.

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