Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Family's Easter Tradition.....our annual Flaounes baking day

I was lucky enough to have an article I wrote published as the feature article in last week's SMH "Good Living" magazine.

View article here

It was a story I really wanted to capture as it is a tradition that is very close to my heart and something my family have been doing ever since I can remember. Now especially I will cherish these photos as this Friday would actually be our annual baking day......however, it all depends on my Yiayia's health who sadly is in hospital at the moment and will be unable to help us this year. I hope her health is steady so we can bake the flaounes for her and take some to her, I am sure this will bring a smile to her face.

I hope you all enjoy the story and visualize what it is like in that kitchen every year, and what our Easter celebrations are like the following week.



Peter M said...

Trish, wonderful read and your whole family should be proud to be keeping family and cultural traditions alive.

Ivy said...

Trish, again congratulations on the great job done. I want some of those flaounes right now.

---trish--- said...

Thanks so much.

Yes well we planned to make them this week, but I am still not sure as things are a bit all over the place. Yiayia is still in hospital and we are unsure if she will go home or into a nursing home :(

If worst comes to worst, my mother and I will bake them ourselves so we can give them away at easter like we always do.....but I hope the family is able to help.

miss v said...

congrats on the article!